Ever had problems traveling? For business, relaxation, schooling or anything at all. From hotel bookings and reservations, to detailed description of centers that can be toured at wherever you are headed and reviews of selected destinations, or even needed an estimate price for your trip, the TRAVLR APP is here to serve you.

Travlr app is a mobile app that helps people who love to travel with knowledge about destinations of their choice. The app is designed to give insights on selected destinations, through pictures, surrounding hotels, and even restaurants who serve well prepared meals.

Roles and Responsibilities

This project was carried out by students of the University of Lagos during a two months training offered by the Developer Students Club, University of Lagos Chapter.

The whole task was to be turned in after a week as Instructed by our very accommodating tutors. Research, App design, and prototyping were duly submitted.

The study group was divided into two for the purpose of this project, the UI Team and the UX Team.

The UI Team comprised of the following individuals:

  1. Yemisi Shokunbi

And the UX Team comprised of:

  1. Emmanuel Olowookere


-To build an app that will help intended travellers see full details about different locations, showing them tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants at that location.

-Aiding hotel reservations and also helping users have access to a full map view of certain locations to direct and guide them while using the app.

User Research

This was conducted by the UX arm of the study group which was led by Emmanuel and Eniola Alex.

The research process involved drafting questions in a Google form and sending out to respondents. Respondents included frequent users of travel apps and people who had opinions on features they would love to see on travel apps.

About 62 people responded to the survey which was carried out. Results from the survey was analysed by the UX team and the challenges faced by the respondents were recorded. This helped the team brainstorm on possible solutions to the challenges.

Interview Questions:

What’s your age range?

What problems do you encounter when using a travel app?

Does the travel app lack any features that you would love to have?

How often do you travel?

When planning for a trip, do you check out for hotels to make reservations?

How do you plan your budget when planning for a trip?

From the survey respondents, we got that our target audience were within ages 18 to 35 and the main problems encountered when planning trips were “lack of detailed information on their desired destinations and inability to make hotel bookings and reservations with ease”.

Other Problems include

  • Getting the perfect location to travel was stressful.

Proposed solutions

  • An app that will provide its users with perfect locations to travel to having full details about the destinations and reviews from previous visitors.

User Persona

From the survey, analysis of frustrations, needs and goals was conducted, from which user personas we’re designed by members of the UX group.

User Journey

This was drafted by members of the UX group and forwarded to the UI group for wireframing and an overall design for the app.


The UI Team

After the research the UI Team kicked off with the design, they came up with a mood board and style guides- low and high fidelity style guides for the app to show professionalism.

Mood Board and Style Guide.

Low Fidelity

High Fidelity

Product, Design & Data